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DoBe Group,is dedicated to development and operation of cultural and creative industry cluster. As a professional development operator in the creative office park and a professional service provider of cultural and creative industries, DoBe not only provides comfortable office environment for cultural and creative enterprises, but also provides various services based on the requirements of enterprises’development to promote the comprehensive development for cultural and creative industries.

Core Objective

For Creative

Operation Model

Investment, design, construction, marketing, operation, platform services, etc.


Creativity and innovation represent China’s future productivity. The development of cultural, creative and technological innovation enterprises will dominate the development of Chinese economy. “Smart Company”, featuring light, flexible and ambitious, are targeted by DoBe as long-term serving aims. Core-competencies of “smart company” can be summarized as light assets, small sizes, high intelligence, creative and innovative thinking.
The creation of “Smart Circle” intends to connect smart companies together for their further development. DoBe believes that both “fresh” bushes and “giant” trees should be involved in the forest of economy. Small but exquisite mode, advantaged technology or creative thought are crucial factors for smart companies to stand out.
Linking more than 5000 smart companies, DoBe is in connection with internal- external enterprises and resources, enterprises and enterprises, people and people, insiders and outsiders, and cross-boundary cooperation by building up business service system. From space to people, DoBe smart circle links all to create future!

International Community Festival

International Community Festival, a grand event featuring innovation in culture and technology hosted by DoBe Group, instructed and sponsored by many institutions including Shanghai Creative Industry Association, Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design, Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Fashion, Shanghai Industrial Design Association, Shanghai Association of Young Innovator, Cultural and Innovative Society of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), Shanghai Institute of Industry Transformation and Development(SIITAD), College of Cultural and Innovative industries of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation of Donghua University, School of Media and Arts of East China University of Science and Technology, etc. is a week-long festival of large activities with many scientific and technological innovation, enterprises of cultural creativity and white-collar elites.
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DoBe Cultural & Creative Enterprise Service Center

DoBe believes that, helping the development of cultural and creative enterprises is the greatest contribution to society. We are concerned with the needs of creative enterprises, have established "DoBe Cultural & Creative Enterprise Service Center", and have launched the Innovative Services.

DoBe Institute of Chinese Cultural and Creative Industries

DoBe Institute of Chinese Cultural and Creative Industries aims at: dedicating to research on important issues on theory and practice in cultural and creative industry field, promoting the integration development of industry, academy and research, establishing and improving the operative mechanisms of cultural and creative industry research, combining theory with practice, and promoting the sustainable and health development of China's cultural and creative industries.The Institute is mainly responsible for researches on policy interpretation, economic trends, urban planning and market analysis relevant to cultural and creative industry, which combine macro-research of industry with micro-analysis of case tracking and theory with practice, providing the relevant research and consulting services for the strategic development and project positioning of government and enterprise.

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