DoBe Group Wins the Title of “Shanghai Top 10 Cultural Enterprise” in the 2nd Ranking



On the morning of Oct. 16, 2018, endorsed by the Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio and Television, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Press and Publication, the award ceremony for the 2nd ranking of “Shanghai Top 10 Cultural Enterprises, the Best 10 Cultural Enterprises, Top 10 Cultural People and Top 10 Cultural Brands” sponsored by China Business Network was held at Shanghai World Expo Museum. Shanghai DOBE Cultural & Creative Industry Development (Group) Co., Ltd. was honored a Shanghai Top 10 Cultural Enterprise in the 2nd ranking for focusing on serving cultural, creative sci-tech and innovative enterprises and promoting the development of the industry. The rest nine companies that won the title were China Literature Limited, Shanghai New Culture Media Group Limited, SMG LIVE, Giant Interactive Group Inc., Shanghai XinHua Distribution Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Duoyunxuan Art Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Canxing Culture Media Co., Ltd., 37 Interactive Entertainment, East China Normal University Press.



It’s reported that the award ceremony was chaired by Wang Yayuan, undersecretary of the Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. Zhou Huilin, a member of the standing committee of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, gave a speech. Hu Jinjun, undersecretary of the Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Jin Lei, deputy director general of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio and Television, and Cai Jiwan, deputy director general of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Press and Publication, attended the award ceremony. The awards are designed to foster a batch of backbone cultural enterprises, discover a batch of innovative cultural enterprises, advocate and commend a batch of leading cultural entrepreneurs, further promote innovation in Shanghai’s cultural sector, to create an atmosphere conducive to the sector’s development and provide strong support for launching the brand of “Shanghai Culture”. 


As an outstanding representative, DoBe was invited to give a speech at the speech session for representatives of award-winning enterprises. In his acceptance speech, DoBe Group’s founder and board chairman Mr. Jia Bo said that winning this title was the best recognition and commendation for DoBe group's efforts in running cultural and creative parks for the development of China's cultural and creative sector, as well as in promoting the “50 articles for Shanghai’s cultural and creative sector” and the brand of “Shanghai culture” over the past decade. DoBe Group is dedicated to providing the best service for the development of cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovative enterprises. The group has successfully signed up 70 cultural and creative industry clusters in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta region, Beijing, Chengdu, the United States and Italy. The cultural and creative parks invested and run by DoBe have successfully attracted a number of remarkable cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovative enterprises to settle down and realized industrial agglomeration. In the future, DoBe will continue to actively carry out globalization, striving to cover the eight core cities in China and overseas core cities such as London, Paris, Milan, New York, Melbourne and Tel Aviv within 3-5 years, to constantly promote the internationalization of cultural enterprises.


In addition to its own development, in recent years, DoBe has made great efforts to create a “smart circle” from the perspective of the industry’s long-term development, not only providing good services for asset-light, small-size, high-intelligence companies in the cultural and creative sector, but also building a platform for these enterprises’ cross-industry cooperation and connectivity with overseas enterprises. Through the “smart circle”, from space to people, cultural and creative enterprises are closely linked together to create the future together. On the other hand, DoBe always pays attention to the all-round needs of small and medium-sized creative enterprises. The group has independently developed the smart park online service platform wehome, launched ten value-added services and initiated the ICF. Through “professional, interesting, entertaining and influential” community activities, cultural and creative communities are gathered, formed and deepened to facilitate the innovative and integrated development of cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovative enterprises, thereby promoting the cultural and creative sector’s progress and development and developing the ICF into the Oscars for the cultural and creative sector. In the future, DoBe will continue to contribute to the cultural and creative sector’s development under the guidance of the “50 articles for the development of Shanghai’s cultural and creative sector”.


Apart from “Shanghai Top 10 Cultural Enterprises”, the award ceremony also announced “Shanghai Best 10 Cultural Enterprises”, “Shanghai Top 10 Cultural People for Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and “Shanghai Top 10 Cultural Brands”. Cultural enterprises, including Shanghai GCOO Entertainment Co., Ltd., Mahua Fun Age, East China Normal University Press, Versus Programming Network (VSPN), Shanghai International Ballet Competition Committee, and individuals were awarded. As excellent representatives in the cultural sector, all the title winners said they would continue to lead the cultural and creative sector to develop in a better direction and make joint efforts to build the brand of “Shanghai culture”.

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