DoBe's Water Molecule Loving Care Funds

Water Molecules Loving Care Funds is a charitable organization sponsored by DoBe,designed to care for education of children, especially education of preschool, primary school and junior middle school.

The Vision of Water Molecule Public Foundation

Water Molecule Public Foundation wants to build a platform for public welfare, integrate social resources, provide public welfare organizations with fund and resource support, bring warmth and hope to more poverty-stricken children and accompany them to grow up healthily and happily.

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Loving Angel Guardian Program

The loving angel selected by Water Molecules Funds will go to the countryside on a regular basis, and interact with the donated objects. On the basis of assistance, this activity is designed to put more emphasis on the personal contact with children through joining in the children or keeping in touch by letter, telephone, etc. to, listening to them, talking with them and "playing" with them. In addition, through a series of activities such as reading meeting, expression and communication, and sunny heart assistance and guidance, more children in poor rural areas can have sunny mind, growing healthily.

WEALOVE (Cooperation for Public Welfare)

Water Molecule Public Foundation works with Shanghai WEALOVE to help poverty-stricken medical students who are excellent in both conduct and learning finish school.Water Molecule Public Foundation works with Shanghai WEALOVE to sponsor the production microfilms about doctors, so as to attract the society’s attention to doctors.JWater Molecule Public Foundation works with Shanghai WEALOVE to help angels in white (hospital nurses) in study and life.

Jiuqian Volunteer Center (Cooperation for Public Welfare)

Water Molecule Public Foundation works with Shanghai Jiuqian Volunteer Center to help migrant children in Shanghai blend in the city faster by giving them regular psychological counseling and career counseling, etc.

Community public welfare plan

With the development and growth of “Loving angel guardian program”, Water Molecule enlarged his student supported range to the community; the community public welfare plan is that under the cooperation of Water Molecule with the community which the park under the DoBe is located in, to provide the student striving to be stronger and living in a poor family with student grants for helping them continue to finish the education.

Mountain Children’s City Tour

During every summer holiday in July and Aug., we select some children excellent in both studies and behavior (children who are admitted to local key junior high schools and senior high schools) from poverty-stricken regions, organize them to have a summer learning tour of Shanghai for 5 days and 4 nights in groups. Mountain Children’s City Tour can broaden children’s horizons and let them experience the city’s diversity, in the hope that they can absorb different outlooks on life and values through the contact with various elites, so as to encourage them to find their own dreams and goals.

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