Brand Promotion Services

DoBe built a sub-platform for Shanghai Creative Industry Brand Promotion. It works with media like China Business Network,,, artting365,, and integrates resources from all sides, to provide potential enterprises in DoBe parks with integrated brand promotion services, enhance cultural and creative enterprises’ brand value, promote the industry’s sound and fast development.

Brand Diagnosis

According to each enterprise’s brand demands, DoBe carries out brand diagnosis with experts, gives brief brand advice, and recommend corresponding platform services.

Offline Display

1、DoBe has set an offline carrier called “Creative Corridor” to introduce creative enterprises’ achievements to media, the government and related businesses, to help creative achievements turn into high value-added products. The display period for each product is 2 months a time.

2、All DoBe parks around the world have electronic signs, which provide cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises that have the need with a platform to display their corporate images, help them with publicity and become an offline window for enterprises in DoBe parks.

Professional Training

In cooperation with China News Spokesman Alliance, DoBe holds regular training for spokesmen, to improve their professional level through face-to-face communication between spokesmen, spokesmen and media, PR companies, so that they can conduct reputation management and brand promotion better for enterprises. The training content mainly includes: new media marketing strategy, news planning, and crisis management.

Media Cooperation, Column Reports

DoBe has industrial columns in cooperative media like China Business News, Liberation Daily, Grand Design, and DoBe Way, to recommend an enterprise in every issue.

Promotion Events

DoBe holds 1-2 large forums on related topics in the industry each year, gathering professionals and leading enterprises in the industry to exchange brand promotion experience, promote communication and cooperation in the industry, and increase their brand exposure.

Media Planning

1.DoBe helps enterprises with news writing.

2.DoBe organizes articles to release through central media and regional media.

3.DoBe helps enterprises with online media news releasing.

News Monitoring

1.Daily news monitoring (monitor the news of the rivals, the industry and the enterprise).

2.Monthly public opinion analysis.

Microblog Management

Microblog writing and releasing, microblog event marketing planning, microblog crisis handling, micro-interview design.

Brand Consultancy Services

1.Professional consultancy

2.Crisis management consultancy

3.Special consultancy

4.Project consultancy

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