DoBe WE" International Bub @ Temple of Heaven Becomes China’s First Cultural and Creative Park to Earn the LEED-ND V4 Gold Precertification


On June 29, Mr. Xu Chenbo, USGBC Marketing Director for China came to Beijing to present the LEED-ND Gold precertification to DoBe WE" International Bub @ Temple of Heaven. Mr. Ye Haifeng, Deputy General Manager of DoBe WE" International Bub @ Temple of Heaven received the certificate on behalf of DoBe Group. It’s reported that DoBe WE" International Bub @ Temple of Heaven is the first cultural and creative park in China to reach the LEED-ND V4 Gold ranking.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Building Rating System) established and implemented by USGBC is at present the highest, most perfect and most influential rating system among all kinds of building environmental impact assessment, green building assessment and building sustainability assessment systems in the world. Its purpose is to effectively reduce negative impacts on the environment and residents in design, so as to get a complete and accurate concept of green buildings. Buildings must have outstanding achievements in sustainable site selection, energy and water conservation, carbon dioxide emission reduction, indoor environment quality improvement, use of environmental-friendly materials and design innovation to have a chance to obtain the LEED certification through strict examinations. LEED has different rating systems for different types of buildings. LEED-ND combines various LEED standards for neighborhood planning and development and puts forward concrete measures to realize all-round neighborhood development. As a result, very few buildings in China have obtained LEED-ND certification or the gold certification. Among China’s cultural and creative parks, only DoBe WE" International Bub @ Temple of Heaven has earned this honor.

As a leading service provider in China dedicated to the development of cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovative enterprises, DoBe Group not only provides a comfortable, ecological, personalized high-quality office environment for cultural and creative enterprises, but also provides them with “ten member services”, such as entrepreneurial service, brand promotion, financial adviser, business registration, listing preparation and wehome online service, creating a systematic and high-quality entrepreneurial micro environment for enterprises to facilitate the sustainable development of cultural and creative enterprises.

At present, DoBe Group already has more than 70 creative parks around the world, including overseas projects in Silicon Valley of the United States and Florence of Italy, covering DoBe Group’s three brand series, i.e. DoBe E-Manor, DoBe WE", DoBe Sports LOFT. It has served more than 5,000 cultural, creative, sci-tech and innovative enterprises and 100,000 white-collar workers. In China, DoBe parks have spread from Shanghai to Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and so on.

As DoBe Group’s flagship park in Beijing, DoBe WE" International Bub @ Temple of Heaven not only has made many ground-breaking attempts in building energy conservation and environmental protection and used lots of green recyclable materials. More importantly, it has formed an atmosphere of sustainable development as a comprehensive office community through reasonably planned functions, considerate and humanized services and functional equipment. For example, the park has introduced green glasshouses, separate courtyards and art galleries. It provides community activities continuously throughout the year, as well as lots of unattended innovative service equipment, which greatly reduces the consumption of resources and waste of manpower. At the same time, it gives white-collar workers in DoBe WE" International Bub @ Temple of Heaven a shared, open and unrestrained office environment really close to nature. These are the standards of LEED-ND. Compared with LEED standards for single buildings, they are harder to reach, but more worth trying.



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