Huashang Stock Exchange was designed by Lu Qianshou. In 1931, Du Yuesheng took part in the opening ceremony of Huashang Stock Exchange.

In 1934, Shanghai Huashang Stock Exchange was established, which was the largest stock exchange in the Asia region.

501 Jiujiang Road, have stood for over 100 years witnessing Shanghai's transformation.

WE is cooperating with the Italian architect Boeri to revive the building by means of the Vertical Forest, and apply the principle of "older than old, newer and new".

WE is located at the former site of Shanghai Huashang Stock Exchange which has the history of 84 years. At its initial establishment, this Shanghai Stock Building was one of landmarks of Shanghai. Jiujiang Road which houses this building was once called as "Erma Road", having housed a dozen of banks and known as "Wall Street of China". Today this building will have new vitality though the years of ups and downs.