• South and north boundary of the concession

  • The starting point of the Chinese-French cruise route



DoBe WE"@BUND 8 faces the Huangpu River. It and the Bund meteorological tower are respectively in the south and north pivot points of the Bund. It joins the Shanghai development main artery of Yan’an Road on east-west direction. That’s where the Bund’s axis, the world’s heart came from.

  • 1

    Shanghai Axis
    defends the business layout

  • 2

    The Bund’s location
    South-north cultural axis

  • 3

    Development artery
    East-west Yan’an Road


  • 1min

    to Yan’an East Road tunnel

  • 2min

    to Yan’an elevated road


  • 12min

    Yuyuan Station of line 10

  • 16min

    Nanjing East Road Station of line2 / line 10

  • 5min

    Yuyuan Station of line 14 (under construction)

Bus routes

  • medium-volume bus No. 71, No. 55, No. 65, No. 305, No. 928

  • 15

    nearly 15 bus routes are available


  • Dongchang Road Ferry

  • Jinling East Road Ferry



Office of luxurious art, giving full joy to work
  • Dome murals
  • Artistic exhibits
  • Antique collections
  • Dobe invites the oriental and western painters to paint the dome murals of the entry corridor, creates the artistic space where the commercial civilization and architectural charm co-exist and forms the unique cultural story of the architecture.

  • The passage corridor on the first floor and the public space within the building regularly exhibit the domestic and foreign artistic works, open the purchase channels in different periods and provides the professional custom-made “art exhibition” for the settled clients. During the working clearance, go through the “Louvre Museum” to taste the charm of art. It provides the new sharing space of rest, exchange, learning and appreciation for the settled enterprises.

  • The interior decorations are selected by the professional artists. The antique objects filled with the historical charms enable the time to return to the past and come to the present.



Restore the old as the old, show the French-style romance again
Luxurious coffee Aerobic forest
  • Luxurious coffee

    The interior adopts the mature and stable blue ink color and the low-key dark golden color as the entire hue, thus upgrading the team room into the French-style luxurious coffee house. The corners of the corridor are filled with the French feelings.

  • French-style gallery

    Dobe WE"@BUND 8 restores the old as the old and restores the French style of the architecture. At the entrance of the gallery, it uses the French architectural structure. The top is themed with the French rhymes and creates a group of romantic and complicated dome murals.

  • Aerobic forest

    Besides the humanistic feelings, create the vigorous ecological corridor through the leafy green plants and enable people to feel the unique peacefulness.



DoBe Group,is dedicated to development and operation of cultural and creative industry cluster.DoBe provides various services based on the requirements of enterprises’development to promote the comprehensive development for cultural and creative industries.



  • Total construction area

  • Rental area of a single floor

  • Floor height

  • Split air-conditioning

  • B1-1F for stores
  • 2F-5F for high-end office
  • 商业租金: 40-50元/天/㎡ 商业物业: 50元/月/㎡ 商业风格: 毛坯

  • 办公租金: 12-15元/天/㎡ 办公物业: 40元/月/㎡ 办公风格: 精装



Tel: 021 6333 0660
  • E-mail:wuchangze@dobechina.com
  • Project location:No. 8, Zhongshan east second road