in the business inner ring of shanghai-Jing'an, it
has attracted a huge number of Fortune 500
companies and Headquarters of multinational
corporations, and much like the Midtown
Manhattan of New York.

What WE @JINGAN has changed is the relationship between you
and your ways of working.
Walking into WE, you will touch nature in a vertical fish tank and a
delicate garden exclusively for you, and then you will walk into the
office. Compared with traditional patterns, the building possesses
an open and bright whole-floor office area with several shared
spaces. As for service, WE provides more international
value-added services to establish a communication platform for
Chinese and Western enterprises.


WE is location in the center of the Jiang'an district which possesses a rare local resource. Sitting next to the
world famous commercial street West Nanjing Road and the traditional commercial center People's Square
in the east, and links the burgeoning business district around Zhongshan Park to the west, WE has seized
the core business area in Shanghai and links all business blocks in downtown. WE will definitely soon
become a leading commercial area connecting with the city center's economy.

Address: No.135 Yanping Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

WE has unprecedented passion for water. The designer of WE
focuses on the soul of the architecture and adopts water to show its
vitality. At WE, water enriches everything, and expresses


We is not only a physical carrier but also a developing platform
for sharing resource and communicating industrial information
as well as a free zone for responding spirit and exchanging thought.
WE simplify the sharing process by offering touchable space and service.


Total GFA : 10000 ㎡
Floor Area: 1700 ㎡
Typical Floor Area: 200-3400 ㎡
Ceiling Height: 3.3-3.6 ㎡

Address:No.135 Yanping Road, Jing'an District,Shanghai

Providing beautiful, effective, and productive spaces is only the beginning of our clients. WE is a complete platform for building value dedicated to providing service, which is as extraordinary as our physical facilities.

  • Basic services
    5A-level intelligent office and property management services, advanced office facilities, with a sound safety guarantee to insure a comfortable office environment to enterprises.
  • Enterprise services:
    in collaboration with the client, superior resources all relevant services are provided-talent , funding, promotion, policy consulting, as well as multi-dimensional platform activities in the pursuit of new opportunities.
  • International Department Enterprise Services
    Provides customized, flexible services and comprehensive embedded “N+1” consult in international business services, including overseas registration, international promotion, business cooperation, and more.

Leasing Hotline: +86 21 51001991
Address: No.135 Yanping Road, Jing’an District,Shanghai

You will find fresh vitality waiting for you everyday - it is from the alive beings in the
vertical fish tank from the ground to the 6th floor.

The whole-floor area is open, bright and you can free divided.

The indoor garden is a delicate garden exclusively for you.

The courtyard coffee bar provides you a cup of coffee, a piece of nature and a
moment of quiet.

The panoramic lifts bring more sun and fresh air into the building.

The roof garden, wriggled path, white sand and blue stones will bring you different
recreation spaces.