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DoBe E-Manor of Chengdu

DoBe E-Manor of Chengdu

Dujiang Weir, Qingcheng Mountain, Jinsha Heritage Site, Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage, and the 4500-year history of Chengdu.
Bamboo forests and flower-decked meadows. Gurgling brooks and picturesquebridges. Retreating floors with balconies and open-air atrium. Chengdu of the future is starting in 2018.
The old town and new city. History meets the future, and man’s work melds with nature in DoBe E-Manor of Chengdu.
A new world-class office concept to create an even more international Chengdu.

In the southern part of Chengdu International City

Straddling two city hearts: the Jinjiang Creative District and the Financial City. Highly convenient transportation, excellent public management, the most developed local economy.

By car


Close to such major roads as Tianfu Avenue and Jinjiang Avenue

By metro


20 meters from Line 6 (under construction)

By bus


Almost 20 bus routes within 500 meters

DoBe E-Manor of Chengdu: Jinjiang riverside, financial city, atrium-style office, top location; Chengdu ten years in the future is starting here.

Design concept

  • Courtyard style units:

    The courtyard door landscape

    bamboo forest,flower meadows,deep garden

    ample natural daylight, fresh air, lush bamboo groves all around

    to nurture a creative life style.

Branding services

DoBe Group is a leading service provider specialized in developing the cultural and creative industries.

DoBe Group started investing and operating cultural and creative industry parks in 2006. To date, it has successfully undertaken 70 cultural and creative industrial clusters. In total, the parks cover 1 million square meters.

  • Basic business services

    The class 5A intelligent office and property service system provides all customers with professional management and international-standard services, including building management, safety and prevention management, emergency management, and smart operation and services.

  • Comprehensive membership services

    Our superior resources support enterprises in their development with such enterprise services as talent management, financial services, branding and promotion, and legal and policy consulting. We take care of any issues our tenants may face in order to grow together.

  • Smart Circle

    DoBe Group connects tenants with one another and with resources inside the park, linking inner and outer circles, upstream and downstream. We seamlessly connect more than 10,000 companies and 200,000+ professionals to bring about free flows of collaboration among like-minded tenant companies.

  • International corporate partnerships

    DoBe Group maintains a global resource network covering over a dozen countries and regions,offers embedded "N+1" international business services, including business registrations abroad, international promotion, commercial cooperation, etc. DoBe Group acts as an "embassy," an envoy communicating among its client enterprises to help maximize their economic and social benefits.

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    Project address:158 Huacai Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

Courtyard style units:

The courtyard door landscape

bamboo forest,flower meadows,deep garden

ample natural daylight, fresh air, lush bamboo groves all around

to nurture a creative life style.

Vertical ecological aquarium:

The courtyard door design

360° see-through aquarium bringing color and the

rhythm of life,peace and quiet and dynamism

inspiring creativity.

Seven meter high ceilings:

The courtyard door design

a rarity:numerous loft-style units, up to 7 meters high

endless possibilities; flexible and diverse,

ideal for sophisticated customization.

Shared smart spaces

The courtyard door design

12 multi-functional conference rooms

9-meter-high performance hall, and high-tech touch screens offer the tenant

companies smart and luxurious conferencing facilities.