Beijing has built the core of Chinese civilization with its history dating back to thousands of years ago.

2018, Beijing culture creativity will start with a new journey, For this time, cultural creativity industry around the globe will focus the east.





  • Masterpieces consulted by Boeri,Admired Worldwide


  • Design

  • Scarce 5.5-meter High Ceiling

    The LOFT space of 2000 square meters is 5.5 meters high,no longer let space fetter creativity.

  • Floating Art Gallery

    The “floating” effect is built with elaborate design. It is more than an art exhibition hall, also your VIP meeting room.

  • Smart Ecological office

    Sun terrace, breathe freely,Meet the office style from future.


  • Basic services
  • Enterprise services
  • International service
  • Wehome, the home we share our happiness and growth
  • Light company ecosystem
  • China One Town One Product Industry Innovation Incubation Base
  • Basic services

    5A-level intelligent office and property management services, advanced office facilities, with a sound safety guarantee to insure a comfortable office environment to enterprises.

  • Enterprise services

    In collaboration with reliable service-providers, WE” can provide clients with services including HR consulting, wealth management, etc. to help further business development.

  • International service

    Provides customized, flexible services and comprehensive embedded “N+1” consulting in international business services, including overseas registration, international promotion, business cooperation, and more.

  • Wehome, the home we share our happiness and growth

    Wehome regularly organize the exhibition, forum, art exhibition, training and other activities, and cross-border resource linkage to create a broad platform for the growth of the business and employees.

  • Light company ecosystem

    Over 5,000 enterprises have been settled in the architecture by DoBe, serving more than 100,000 white-collar workers. Through the enterprise service system, DoBe can connect with resources inside and outside the park

  • China One Town One Product Industry Innovation Incubation Base

    Dobe Group will work with China Council for the Promotion of National Trade to build the “One Town One Product Industry Innovation Incubation Base


  • 8,969.70m²Total GFA

  • 2200m²Floor area

  • 5 floorsNumber of Floot

  • 2.7-5.5mCeiling height

  • Central air conditionerAir conditioner