Jimmy Choo Appears at DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8 Haute Couture and New Office Brand Make Sparks Fly Again


In March 2018, the annual Shanghai Fashion Week opened at Taiping Lake Arena of Shanghai Xintiandi. Designers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and so on were gathered. More than 50 shows were presented. All big names were present for this big event. In the meantime, another fashion feast was held at DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8. Princess Diana’s royal designer and Jimmy Choo brand’s founder Professor Jimmy Choo together with the international high-end wedding dress brand The Atelier’s principal owner YEW from Malaysia shared their design ideas with haute couture and fashion lovers at DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8. They spent “When The Atelier Meets PROF. JIMMY CHOO”, a special night together.


On the night of March 31, designers, fashion icons and haute couture lovers gathered at DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8 at 8 Second East Zhongshan Road. The building witnessed the French Concession’s birth. In the vicissitudes of history, it recorded all the legends in Shanghai. At the beginning of the event, Mr. Chen Jun, General Manager of DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8, delivered a welcoming speech. He said: “we once interviewed nearly 100 pioneers from cultural and creative industries, including many designers, fashion buyers and Fortune 500 executives. Talking about future offices, their ideas were full of wit and humor. Some said they wanted to work in the forest, with lions and monkeys as neighbors; some said they wanted to work in the space to experience the feeling of zero gravity. Can these fancy ideas become reality? As one of the three brands of DoBe, DoBe WE” was born for this. As a service provider for cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises, DoBe breaks the orthodox, invariable, boring office scenes in traditional offices and cultural and creative parks, integrating international cocreation, leisure, fashion, culture and art. DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8 is one of the representative works of WE” brand.”


It’s known that DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8 formerly was the French consulate in Shanghai built by the first French consul Montigny in Shanghai. Knowing the importance of discovering historical and cultural heritage to preserve and perpetuate a building’s vitality, adhering to the concept of "restoring the old and as the old", without changing the building’s façade with a sense of history, making the best of the buiding’s history, based on the building’s association with the French Concession, DoBe restored the original French flavor of the century-old building. Today, it is a rare independent creative office space and art museum on the Bund. Moreover, DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8 also hired an international professional team to build in the innovative form of “commerce + office + club”, to turn the office building into an international business and art club, satisfying high-end white-collar workers’ needs in office. The most systematic and humanized property management system is adopted to make the office no longer cold. It’s understood that DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8 has hosted the LIA ceremony, the exhibition Spring Blossoms Picked at Dusk, the creative calligraphy exhibition MIX & FIX, as well as other phenomenal events in art and design circles, breathing new life into this century-old building. Taking a fancy to the unique old Shanghai taste, artistic temperament and international operation of DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8, Jimmy Choo chose to host his haute couture brand presentation and sharing here. 


It’s known that Jimmy Choo is a noble and fashionable shoe brand named after Mr. Jimmy Choo. With its sexy tailoring, fashionable design and excellent Italian craftsmanship, it has won many demanding customers’ favor. As a pioneer in fashion design for celebrities, Jimmy Choo was the first of its kind to bring luxury footwear and handbags to Hollywood. The red carpet in the spotlight no doubt is the ideal stage to show the brand’s glamour. Today, Jimmy Choo has evolved into a fashion icon praised by everyone, from celebrities to royalty, from musicians to heads of state, including Princess Diana of the British royal family.

At the event, Professor Jimmy Choo shared his understanding of haute couture and fashion over the 30 years as a shoe designer. He believes a shoe designer is a person who gives soul to our feet. He wishes to give Chinese people's unique persistence and patience to every woman wearing Jimmy Choo shoes through the unique design of every pair of shoes. At the private sharing salon, Professor Jimmy Choo displayed his shoe design sketches for Princess Diana, which made every guest present marvel at his excellent craftsmanship and advanced design philosophy. Moreover, four pairs of hand-made haute couture shoes in the Phoenix collection designed by Professor Jimmy Choo were put on display. Professor Jimmy Choo thinks phoenix is a unique icon in China. Every pair of the hand-made haute couture shoes is unique and cannot be duplicated. The haute couture shoes in the Phoenix collection reveal the queenlike side of every female. They are rare hand-made haute couture shoes.

After the sharing salon, Professor Jimmy Choo introduced YEW, the principal owner of the international high-end wedding dress brand The Atelier from Malaysia. Professor Jimmy Choo became the brand supervisor of The Atelier in 2017. He launched the limited edition of Le. Earth shoes with The Atelier in 2018. At the event, the two designers displayed some dresses of The Atelier. During the interaction, they shared their tireless efforts to help young Chinese designers build their own brands in recent years. That night, a pre-sale ceremony for The Atelier 2018A/W Limited Edition of Le. Earth shoes was held. 100 pairs of Jimmy Choo haute couture shoes were displayed. That night, in cooperation with Herose Club, a leading elite female growth and social platform in China, haute couture shoes were introduced and put on sale.


ti4me (Shanghai ti4me Information Technology), a brand that focuses on nurturing and incubating female leadership, joins hands with overseas universities and colleges to provide strategic management and professional development consulting services for individuals, also attended the event. They have organized many activities and projects, including the White-Collar Female Risk Control, the Oxford Global Market Strategy Leadership Class of Presidents, the Satellite Launch Viewing at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and the Buffett Shareholders Meeting Cross-Border Investment Seminar in the United States. The tours of British women's fashion and culture explored and developed by them let outstanding Chinese women who love fashion to approach world top universities and brands such as Oxford and Mulberry, bringing the best ideas from overseas back to China.

The “Charming Night” at DoBe WE” International Hub @ Bund 8 blended the romance of the French style, the freshness of the Shanghai style and the brilliance of fashion. When The Atelier met PROF. JIMMY CHOO, new haute couture shoes were born. When the fashion pioneer Jimmy Choo meets the new office brand DoBe WE”, what sparks will be produced? Let’s wait and see.

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