DoBe Group’s Su Rong Attends the Urban Renewable and Urban Complex Construction Forum 2018 on Invitation


On April 12 and 13, Urban Renewable and Urban Complex Construction Forum 2018 was held in Shanghai. The forum was sponsored by MAXO and Shanghai Oriental Enterprise Development Center. RET, Benoy, CallisonRTKL, DoBe, MIXPACE, other representative real estate enterprises, top design companies and enterprise service providers gathered for the forum. DoBe Group’s Chief Art Officer Su Rong attended the forum on invitation. He introduced the importance of cultural inheritance and innovation integration in urban renewal to urban ecological development to the attendees.

With China’s economic and social development, urbanization is accelerated. Against a background of constructing global excellent cities, how to construct and plan urban sub-centers, upgrade and integrate business to create new business value? After repeated large-scale land acquisition, commercial real estate has entered an era of intensive fine development. How to break the ice and explore innovation? How to increase user loyalty with the boom in experience-based commerce? These have become hot topics in the industry. When a city is repositioned, how to explore the new path, new model and new power for urban renewal has become the focus of governments at all levels and benchmark enterprises in the industry. This forum focused on city-industry integration, experience-based commerce, urban renewal (stock renovation and long-term rental apartments). More than 250 outstanding brand representatives were invited to discuss future trends and developments in industrial and urban functions.

As a leading specialized service provider dedicated to the development of cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative industries, DoBe always has its own thoughts. Mr. Su Rong listed some refurnishing cases of DoBe parks, explained the importance of culture to urban renewal in an easy-to-understand way. As early as in 2016, DoBe won the Urban Renewal Star of the Year at the BEST Swan Awards. DoBe not only provides a comfortable physical environment for enterprises, but also hopes enterprises can achieve better development with DoBe Group’s innovative services and boost industrial development. Through the practice of urban office scenarios, DoBe provides more abundant and cutting-edge cases for China’s urban renewal. Taking advantage of the government’s renovation of old towns and factories, making the best of resources, DoBe works with other players in urban renewal and existing building reinforcement policy research, urban construction and operation, planning and design, real estate development to build a cooperation and exchange platform together.

As a protector of city history and service provider for new industries, DoBe turns idle factories into energetic new offices. Mr. Su Rong said: “cultural and creative parks can protect the city on the one hand and develop new business forms on the one hand. Cultural inheritance and integrated innovation in urban renewal are the soul of urban ecological development. In the future, DoBe will continue to share its business experience and offer advice to the development of urban construction.”


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