DoBe WE” International Hub @ Jing’an Wins the Title of Jing’an District’s Star “Characteristic Park” for 2017


On March 28, Jing’an District’s Work Conference on Industrial Parks 2018 was held. At the conference, the results of Jing’an District’s Star Ratings of Cultural and Creative Parks for 2017” were announced. DoBe WE” International Hub @ Jing’an won the title of Jing’an District Star “Characteristic Park” for 2017.

According to the requirements of industrial park transformation and upgrading, Jing’an District Commerce Commission and Jing’an District Association of Cultural and Creative Industries jointly carried out the star ratings of Jing’an District’s cultural and creative parks for 2017. From the early-stage quality assessment to the mid-stage review to the late-stage expert review, the ratings lasted nearly four months. DoBe WE” International Hub @ Jing’an stood out from more than 50 candidate enterprises and won the honorable title.


DoBe WE” International Hub @ Jing’an has been exploring the ocean office mode all the time. The architect emphasized the spiritual function of water in architecture and the concept of harmonious coexistence between architecture and nature, so he introduced the huge Vertical Fish Tank and roof/terrace gardens to build vitality of the buildings, creating diversified office and leisure spaces integrating private enjoyment and sharing for enterprises. In addition, as one of the parks in DoBe WE” brand series, DoBe WE” International Hub @ Jing’an actively implements community management, provides innovative services, takes advantage of the online wehome platform and offline community sharing center to regularly organize various kinds of community activities, involving TED professional sharing, lectures on policy support, brand integration and promotion, leisure, entertainment and community public welfare. Up to now, nearly 100 community activities have been held, radiating to enterprises inside and outside the park, residents and public welfare organizations in the subdistrict. Personnel exchange, resource linkage and enterprise cooperation have been realized, providing more possibilities for the development of enterprises and the subdistrict, helping enterprises maximize the value of resources and promoting harmonious common prosperity in the district.



Vertical Fish Tank of DoBe WE” International Hub @ Jing’an

In the future, DoBe will continue to provide more thoughtful services for enterprises in its parks according to enterprises’ all-round needs in development, to realize the goal of building social platforms for enterprises to get information, accumulate resources, display and communicate, creating a smart circle to attract more excellent domestic and overseas cultural, creative, sci-tech, innovative enterprises, giving play to the effect of regional industrial concentration, striving to create municipal model cultural and creative parks, thereby supporting the sustainable development of the industry and society through practical actions.

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